I am very proud to be running a very limited edition series of prints of famous and much loved Dorset landmarks.

These are printed on large A3 size silk finish photo card by the best printers available on a machine costing in the region of £250,000 so they're not a basic print, these are THE very best available.

I have personally selected each of these images for each collection and hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do.

These make a perfect gift for anyone you know who has an affinity with these areas or even Dorset itself or simply for someone who wishes to enjoy beautiful pictures of a beautiful coastline.

There is no need to buy a mount as the pictures come as you see them, you will just need to purchase an A3 size frame and these will fit right in, simple, elegant, desirable.

Own a piece of unique artwork that you wont see in shops or mass produced

The Durdle Door Collection

Durdle Door, Durdle Door Sunset, Durdle Door Rainbow, Durdle Door Steps

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Possibly the most well known and loved location in Dorset, Durdle Door is known throughout the world and draws huge crowds every year who come to marvel at it's splendour. Picture one captures the classic twisting stair view with the rarest of sights, a rainbow. Picture two sees the old stairway leading down to Durdle Door, a path I suspect many of you have trodden before. Picture three sees the view from Bat Head looking back towards Durdle Door as its bathed in golden sunlight and finally but by no means least Picture four sees the view down to Bat Head with a beautiful rainbow stretching up into the sky. All four are truly special moments captured forever to adorn your wall. £34.99 including delivery to anywhere in the UK

The Lulworth Range Collection

LulWorth Cove Sunset, St Oswalds Sunset, Man O'War Bay

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Lulworth Cove and the Range itself is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in the UK.  The Lulworth Range walks see thousands of visitors every day and it's easy to see why, Lulworth Cove is THE perfect bay. Its perfectly shell shaped and with calm waters its popular with bathers and explorers alike. Picture one is the classic view of the cove itself from high up on the bank as the morning sun bathes it in gold. Picture two is the rarely seen Lulworth ledges that only appear at very low tides, a shot i waited years to get. Picture three is St Oswalds Bay from on top of Dungy head as the sun sets.Picture four is the view from Man O'War Bay looking back towards St Oswalds Bay and Dungy Head. These vibrant and delightful images show mother natures work in all her glory and make you smile every time you look at them. £34.99 including delivery to anywhere in the UK

The Portland Collection

Portland Pictures, Portland Bill, Portland Sunset, Portland Rainbow, Portland Seascape

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Portland is such an awe inspiring place, it is full of history it almost seems to have a different way of life down there.

The coast of Portland is extra special for a photographer, full of bays, craggy rocks and cliffs and sees huge waves when the wind is pushing in hard, top that off with Portland Bill lighthouse and it really is perfection. Picture one see's Portlands most famous resident, Portland Bill. An icon of the south coast. Picture two is what Portland produces when its all on song, a seascape sunset that still sends shivers down my spine. Picture three is the world famous Pulpit Rock that was fashioned many years ago when it was a working quarry. Picture 4 is the view from the top of Portland over Chesil Beach, one of the best known views in Dorset and with a full arch of a rainbow to enhance it further. £34.99 including delivery to anywhere in the UK

The Dorset Landmarks Collection

Corfe Castle Pictures, Horton Tower Picture, St Catherine's Chapel Picture, Knowlton Church Picture

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Dorset is the home to many historical buildings and here i've put together four of my favourites. Starting with one of the most iconic buildings here, Corfe Castle basking in the evening light with the hint of a rainbow in the distance. Picture two is the mighty Horton Tower which was once the highest non religious tower in England set in evening light with the full arch of a rainbow gracing it, this shot took me 4 years to get and is a personal treasure. Picture three is St Catherine's Chapel in Abbotsbury once again bathed in gold and with a rainbow. Picture four is a photographers favourite, Knowlton Church which is reputed to be one of the most haunted places in the UK. I feel this is a fitting tribute to some of Dorsets best loved landmarks and will look great on any wall.  £34.99 including delivery to anywhere in the UK

The Pier Pressure Collection

Bournemouth Pier Picture, Bournemouth Pier Sunset, Bournmouth Pier Sunrise, Bournemouth Pier Storm Picture

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I'm very proud of where I live and the pier for me is what I think of when someone mentions Bournemouth. I wanted a collection of images of this pier for local people who share the same love as me. When i floated this idea around to a few friends this was the collection they all wanted to have on their wall. Perfect gift for anyone living in or from Bournemouth. £34.99 including delivery to anywhere in the UK

Lest We Forget

Poppies Picture, Dorset Poppies Picture, Lest We Forget, We Will Remember Them

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Poppies have always had a special meaning to me and obviously to many others too for what they represent. They give a huge sense of pride and a deep sense of loss at the same time and they never fail to make a moving display. Poppies seem to be somewhat reclusive in recent times but i've been fortunate enough to capture a few of them over the years and these are my personal favourite images. £34.99 including delivery to anywhere in the UK and for every one sold I will donate £5 to the poppy appeal, Lest we forget.

The Waterfall Collection

Waterfall Picture, Waterfall County, Amazing Waterfall, Buy Waterfall Pictures

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Waterfalls have long held a fascination for me as i love the way water behaves, it has no rules and flows on the path of least resistance, a somewhat fitting way to look at life. Wales has become a second home for me away from Dorset and i have spent many trips there photographing its iconic waterfalls as well as coastline and mountains. These waterfalls are once again my personal favourites from the Vale of Neath which is often referred to as "waterfall county". A great edition for anyones wall. £34.99 including delivery to anywhere in the UK

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