• Daniel Wretham

Photographing Scotland - The Trossachs

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Milarrochy Bay Sunrise, Loch Lomond

A while ago a decision was made to go to Scotland, it had been a dream for years and I was finally going to do it.

For years I had seen stunning landscapes from Scotland and I really wanted to see them for myself and go and explore a bit and see what else I could find.

The trip was planned with military precision, I had decided to stay in the Inverness area as it was fairly central to the places I wanted to visit, mainly the highlands & the Cairngorms National Park and of course the Isle of Skye (although that was a fair bit further over).

I had found several locations in the North and main roads from Inverness went straight to them so it was a good starting point, the one main issue was it was around 650 miles from my house and boy, did I not fancy doing that 12 hour drive !

After careful consideration I decided that stopping over night around Glasgow area would give me a much more palatable 8 hour drive of around 450 miles and it was right on the edge of the Trossachs national park and of course the mighty Loch Lomond.

I kept a close eye on the weather forecast on the weeks leading up to the big day and I have to admit it was giving me cause for concern.

Every single day was forecast as rain, but not the good kind of rain & sun that yields rainbows and epic light, more the kind that gives nothing but flat grey skies, zero light and a complete soaking.

I was originally going to travel up in the late hours of Friday night so I could be at Loch Lomond for the sunrise but seeing as the weather forecast had said it was a non starter I decided I would leave around 4 am to avoid the worst of the traffic and still have some time to look around, in my head the weather had written off this over night stay anyway.

The shrill call of the alarm clock woke me up from dreams of mountains and snow and I grabbed a shower to wake me up and then put the kettle on for another wake up boost.

I had pre packed everything and just needed to load it in the car. I had done some shopping before hand so I had some food and drink for the journey and for a couple of days in fact in case I hadn't managed to get to a supermarket, Energy drinks (which I hate) were purchased for the journey just to be sure

Camera and case loaded into the car and I went to grab the food and drink bag and I could hear some sort of hissing noise, unable to work out where it was coming from I picked up the bag and it leaked its contents everywhere.

A can of Monster energy drink had got a tiny hole in it and was spurting all over the place soaking everything in the bag and the walls, a few choice words were uttered quite loudly.

After a clean up of everything and the offending can chucked away I was ready to go, this wasn't the start I had wanted and I was now running late.

I was anxious about this journey, it was long and tedious in my head and I wanted it out of the way as quick as possible.

I had contemplated stopping at the Lake District on the way up for a morning of photography but the weather had put the brakes on that idea, there was nothing else for it, point the car North and hit the accelerator.

I was making good time and the roads were being fairly kind, the weather didn't actually seem to bad either and the rain was holding off. As I went up the M6 it was nearly time for sunrise and I was well up for diverting off to find somewhere to photograph but then it happened, rain by the bucket load.

I cursed the fact the weather men had actually got it right, the one time I actually need them to be wrong and they get it bang on.

I kept plodding on and arrived in Glasgow around lunch time, I knew why I had picked Glasgow in terms of location but having arrived I was thinking maybe I should have gone further up, it simply put, wasn't what I imagined !.

After checking in after a mammoth drive I was keen to go out and explore a little bit, Loch Lomond was the first place on my list and after looking on the map/google earth etc and a few images I decided the East side of the lake offered me better access, opportunity and pull over places.

The rain had taken a temporary breather as well and I was super keen to get going.

Loch Lomond is very well known, it's the largest body of water by surface area within Scotland, England and Wales and is roughly 27 miles squared of surface.

It has some very scenic islands, over 30 of them in fact and is surrounded by mountains, pretty much heaven really.

Milarrochy Stones, Loch lomond, Scotland

Nothing prepares you for the first view of it, its size is mind blowing and as you look down it, it just appears to never end. I headed for an area known as Milarrochy Bay which had some lovely rocks in a line snaking out into the water as well as a single tree which was very photogenic and surrounded by mountains