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Dorset Life Magazine Feature

Not a full blog post but I wanted to share something i'm very proud of with you all.

Dorset Life magazine recently asked if they could do a 5 page feature on my photography on the area of coastline from Bournemouth to Old Harry Rocks for their "Leadoff" section.

To say I was flattered was an understatement ! I'm a huge lover of Dorset obviously being my home county but to be featured in the counties premier magazine really was a crowning achievement and i'm humbled to be noticed by them.

Out of respect for the magazine I didn't want to publish this till the issue had been and gone but they were kind enough to give me a PDF of the article to publish now.

Dorset Life Magazine, Page 1

Dorset Life Magazine, Page 2 & 3

Dorset Life Magazine, Page 4 & 5

I hope you enjoyed the article and many thanks to the people who read it when it came out and messaged me to say they had seen it and off congratulations, it was very much appreciated.

And finally a big thank you to Joel & the team at Dorset Life Magazine for seeking out new people to support and feature and for paying them while many other magazines will expect you to do it for free, well done.

To any of you who haven't read a copy of Dorset Magazine yet (Where have you been ?) You should really pick up a copy as its packed full of places of interest for photographers as well as lots of interesting features about the area, please support them as they support the local photographers.

Dorset Life Magazine Click Here

As always, Happy Shooting.

Daniel Wretham

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