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All of my pictures are available as prints in a wide range of sizes, as well as fully customisable sizes to fit an existing frame or space.


Please contact me if you would like a print or a custom size and I will be more than happy to help.

I can even help with suggestions for complimentary images based on your rooms colour scheme.

Sunrise over Old Harry Rocks



The ultimate location guide to one of Dorsets most iconic places for landscape photography, Old Harry Rocks.


  * Best Times 

  * Photo Location Maps

  * Postcodes & Free parking areas

  * Best Focal Lengths for each shot

  * Everything you need to know


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On Location Video

Working the light on location at the might Corfe Castle.

This video takes you through my process of capturing rolling light as it sweeps over the landscape and delves into techniques and locations.


Well worth a watch if you're going



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On Location Video

A stunning morning at Holes Bay in Poole sees the sky explode in a ball of flaming colour.


Photographing the old wrecks as breathtaking colour paints the sky.


This is landscape photography !



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On Location Video

My first trip out after lockdown !


And what a trip it turned out to be, fantastic sunrise and a stunning rainbow !


Some days it all goes right !


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On Location Video

The evening looked a bit 50/50 but I decided to take a gamble and go !


And boy was I glad I did, A fiery sky over an old rustic jetty gave me a great evening of landscape photography.


For once, I made the right call !



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On Location Video

The session started off so well !


A beautiful morning at Durley Chine in Bournemouth sees a stunning sunrise over a beautiful seascape.....


Then it all goes horribly wrong !



Boscombe Pier Thumb.jpg
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On Location Video

A trip to Boscombe pier for sunrise proves to be a tricky choice and I have to adapt in order to get the shots or miss out, and I don't like to miss out !


The trials of photographing a busy coastal area !



Interesting Facts about this coastline

* The beach huts at Hengistbury head are some of the most expensive in the UK, with some previously selling for over £300,000.

* Boscombe was going to house a world class surf reef which cost a staggering 3 million pounds to build and never seemed to produce any swell at all, in the end the project was abandoned and lays at the bottom of the sea as a reminder of the poor decision to build by the council

* Boscombe Pier originally opened in 1889 but was later breached due to the war defence effort, it was rebuilt again in 1960 and has     undergone several renovations since but is a firm favourite with Dorset's landscape photographers for sunrise seascapes.

* Both Bournemouth & Boscombe were both originally part of Hampshire but later moved to Dorset.

* Bournemouth pier first started life as a wooden structure in 1856 but was rebuilt in 1861 to be a much longer structure, This was demolished again for the war but construction started again in 1947 into the structure we all know today

* Bournemouth beach has been voted one of the best beaches in the world due to its high standard and clean sand

* Sandbanks in Poole is known as one of the most expensive stretches of land in the world with house prices in the millions and is home to several well known celebrities who can often be seen around in the town. Being a peninsula it has views of the sea from the front and the back of homes which makes it so desirable.

* Poole harbour is the largest natural harbour in the world after Sydney, Australia reclaimed land from theirs

* Bramble Bay Dragons teeth are left over remnants from the second world war and were designed to stop tanks from being able to land there. Studland area was also used as a military training ground for the D-Day landings. 

The Dragons teeth are a magnet for landscape photography as the sunsets line up perfectly with them around the longest day of the year.

* The Twin Sails bridge in Poole cost a huge 37 million pounds to build and took 2 years to build, again the sunset lines up with this

* The huge chalk stacks of Old Harry Rocks are 65 million years old and were named in the 18th century. The story goes that it was a euphemism for the devil who used to sleep on the rocks, while other stories tell of a smuggler called Harry Paye who hid his pirate treasure there.

* During the second world war the Old Harry Rocks was used for target practice by Spitfires and Hurricanes.

* Old Harry Rocks is one of the most iconic landscape photography locations in Dorset and see's many visitors each year trying to get the best sunrise pictures possible of Old Harry and his wife

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