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Sturminster Thumb.jpg

Misty Sunrise at

Its clear blue sky ! The landscape photographers worst nightmare, but a cunning plan will help beat it ! 

A trip to Sturminster Newton Mill sees some fantastic mist and light at sunrise to save the day and score a bonus pic on a day I wouldn't usually choose to go !

Now who doesn't love a bit of mist !

Wild Garlic Thumb.jpg

Forest Photography Shooting

A spring carpet of white deep in the Dorset countryside, Wild Garlic adorns the forest floor

The challenges of shooting in windy conditions and intermittent light

Choosing the correct focal lengths to nail the shot

Boscombe Pier Thumb.jpg

Sunrise Shoot at


I face my Nemesis in the shape of Boscombe pier, no matter how many times I shoot here I never bag the shot I want.

Will this time be any different or will I finally nail a decent sunrise ?

Landscape photography Lake Pier

An Epic Morning, Sunrise at


When a morning finally all goes right !

Not only did I get a fantastic sunrise, some perfect light but also an amazing rainbow ! 

This is the morning it all finally goes off and gives me a shoot to remember !

Houns Tout Sunrise.jpg

Stunning Sunrise at 


One of my last sunrise shoots on 2020 from Houns Tout on Dorsets Jurassic Coast overlooking Chapmans Pool

It all goes off and there's a race against time to capture the mornings spectacular colours !

Panoramas, Wide Angles, and long walks ! 

West Bay Landscape Photography

Chasing Gold at


Chasing golden light on the incredible cliffs of West Bay on Dorsets Jurassic coast.

Waiting for the light to hit and turn a dull day into a spectacular golden wonder !

Trying to keep your cool in a busy environment and nail the shot

Seascapes & Sunsets video

Seascapes & Sunset at


This video takes us to St Oswalds Bay on the Jurassic Coast for a session of seascapes & sunsets.

Long exposures, Use of filters, how to use light, its all here

Simply stunning conditions for this shoot 

Dorset Mist video

Misty Morning on the


A misty start on the River Frome in Wareham.

Includes tips on focal lengths, shutter speeds and how to photograph Sunrise at this iconic location.


Will I get the shot I'm after ? Watch to find out.

Portland landscape photography.jpg

The Best Morning Light EVER !


Cloud threatens to spoil the morning sunrise, but a quick change of plan saves the day !

Could this be the best morning light ever ? Watch to find out.

Knowlton Church.jpg

Awesome Sunrise at


Another pre work mission to catch sunrise at one of the most haunted location in England !

Do I get a decent sunrise ? or ten years bad luck at the wishing trees ! Watch to find out !

OHR Thumb.jpg

Sunrise at the Pinnacles

One of Dorsets most loved landmarks, Old Harry Rocks and a change in weather conditions means a change in shot.

Opting to shoot the pinnacles produces a stunning morning of landscape photography

on the Jurassic coast.

Good Times ! 

Bluebell Thumb.jpg

The Best One I've Ever Seen

Quite possibly the best bluebell forest I have ever seen !

Carpets of blue as far as the eye can see.

How I plan my bluebell forest shoots and deal with far from perfect conditions

Horton Rainbow Thumb.jpg

Chasing Rainbows at


This shoot was absolutely crazy !

Hail, Wind, Rain, Rainbows, Storm Clouds, Light ! All in the space of about an hour !

But what a shoot it turned out to be ! 

Great times spent at Horton Tower !

Whats the best photo paper for landscape photography

Photo Paper For Landscape


Whats the best photo paper for landscape photography ?

We take 8 of the very best photo papers that money can buy and put them head to head with each other !.

Finally the question is answered !

Best landscape photographer Dorset

My Best Pictures Of 2020


Join me for a review of my 12 best pictures of 2020.

The stories behind them and why they mean so much to me.

These images represent the very best of my work from an extremely tough year when getting out was a treat rather than an expectation.

Winspit Sunrise

Amazing Sunrise at


One of the most amazing sunrises of 2020 on the stunning Jurassic coast, This time at Winspit Bottom.

Feel my elation at witnessing this incredible sunrise that set the sky on fire.

Sometimes it all just goes right........

Chapmans Pool Video

Epic Light & Sunset at


One of those sessions where it finally all goes right ! 

Amazing light and a stunning sunset all over the backdrop of Chapmans Pool on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset.

A great session of landscape photography all caught on film !


Rainbows & Waterfalls at


I go to photograph the waterfall at Osmington Mills but I get more than I can wish for when a rainbow decides to join the party !

Epic conditions at the Jurassic Coast in this one.

Corfe Castle.jpg

Working The Light at


Ever wanted to know how to work the light ? This video will tell you all you need to know as well as showcasing the iconic Corfe Castle in Dorset.

You don't always need mist here to get a killer shot.

New Forest.jpg

Chasing Autumn Mist at


When a decent head of mist rolls into the new forest in Autumn the results are always going to be special.

Your guide to landscape photography in The New Forest, Hampshire.

Holes Bay Sunrise.jpg

What a Sunrise at

A last minute dash to a local spot for an amazing sunrise ! 

The sky absolutely lights up fire red and as quick as it started its over but what a morning !

Not to be missed !

Evening Hill Thumb.jpg

Surprise Sunset Shoot at

One of those days where it looks rubbish but mother nature is hiding a secret and she's going to show it all at sunset !

The sky explodes and an epic sunset happens out of absolutely nowhere !

Heaven !

Epic Fail.jpg

When It All Goes Wrong at


You can all have a good laugh at my expense here as the landscape photography session from hell happens ! 

This could have been such an epic day but turned out very bad indeed ! 

Make sure this EPIC FAIL doesn't happen to you ! 

Landscape Photography Dorset

Shooting Winter Scenes at


That beautiful time of year, Winter !

How I approach a Winter Scene, what can you do to improve your shots ?

Everything you need to know !

Dorset Panoramas

Long Lens Panoramas at


Come and join me at one of the very best views in Dorset, Swyre Head for a session of long lens panoramas.

See how easy a panorama is to do and how effective it can be.

And bring on the light......

Pulit Rock Sunset

Seascapes & Sunset at


The session from HELL that all ends well!

Join me at Portland on the Jurassic Coast as I shoot the Pulpit Rock and my patients is tested to the absolute limit ! 

Seascapes, Sunsets, Long exposures, its all here ! 

Stair Hole video.jpg

Look Behind You !


When conditions go horribly clear at my chosen location I am forced to adapt quickly to the conditions in order to save the day ! 

See how I did it in this video and how the same advice can help you and your landscape photography.

littlebreedy waterfall

Chasing Autumn Waterfalls at


When there's bad weather about, this is how you save the day with a stunning waterfall shoot in deepest darkest Dorset in full Autumn bloom.

Learn how to do long exposures and how to focus stack.

Horton Tower.jpg

Amazing Sunrise at


An early morning pre work mission leads to a simply amazing sunrise at Horton Tower in the Dorset countryside.

A little bit of effort goes a long way in landscape photography.

Cutt Mill.jpg

Sunset & Sunrise at


My very first video, where it all began ! See the errors, watch me struggle with it all but keep going regardless at one of the Dorset Stours most beautiful locations, Cutt Mill.