• Daniel Wretham

20 Photography Tips For Lockdown

In these uncertain times of lockdown due o the Corona virus us photographers have got a multitude of things we can do to keep us busy and to help us get even better pictures when we are allowed back out, hopefully in the not too distant future.

So how are you all beating the boredom ? This is what I've been up to....

Clean Your Tripod

This is one of those jobs which I'm sure we are all guilty of neglecting more than we should.

Tripods are an essential part of our landscape photography and we do tend to put them through some pretty nasty situations.

Salt water is a tripod killer, it corrodes parts and leaves them very brittle and susceptible to breaking.

Remove each of the leg sections and all catches and give them a deep clean in warm water to make everything a lot smoother to operate not to mention prolonging the life of your tripod.

Clean Your Filters

We all tend to keep on top of this fairly well but they can never be clean enough.

Ever noticed some of your pictures suffering from what seems like lens flare on steroids ?

Chances are your filters are dirty and it will exaggerate any flare to the extreme and ruin your pictures, I really can't put enough emphasise on how important this is.

Don't use any harsh cleaning products on your filters, a simple dash of luke warm water and a good quality cleaning cloth will do the job or a bottle of specific filter cleaner will cut through the grime in extra quick time.

Clean Your Lens

A no brainer really, and pretty self explanatory but extra care needs taking with lenses.

Use only the softest cleaning cloths, blow away any bigger particles with a rocket blower and spray any cleaners onto the cloth rather than directly to the lens.

If you are using a zoom lens extend it to its full and clean the inner sleeve of the lens with a dry cloth to help keep a smooth action and get rid of any gritty particles which could end up inside the lens collar.

Clean Your Back Pack

This one is always neglected ! We all put our back packs down on the ground, they get covered in mud and grit.

Strip the bag down of everything inside it and give it a really good deep clean then when you put everything back in it (After allowing it to dry for 48 hours) you can now decide, what do you really need to carry ? can you reduce weight by leaving items out ?

Its well worth taking some time to reassess your essential items, its very easy to over pack it and take items you don't really need "Just in case" can these items for example stay in your car boot instead ? (Nothing of value though)

Clothing Maintenance

A perfect time to not only clean your clothing but also to re waterproof it if needed with products like NikWax ? You should also look at your walking boots, check the laces are still in 100% good condition and change if looking frayed at all, you can apply dubbing or similar products to help with the condition and waterproofing of them.

Location Scouting

So your stuck inside, but it doesn't mean you can't scout some great new locations ?

The internet will give you instant access to the worlds best locations, its an ideal time to get onto Google Earth and have a good look around your local area, Look at Instagram and see if pictures you like are geotagged with information about the area, Look at photographers websites and get location information from there.

One of the very best ways is with a location guide book, these not only show pictures of all locations but they generally give information about parking places, grid references, what's nearby etc.... Perhaps the best of these are the series of guides from Fotovue which are exceptionally detailed and usually written by a local expert on the area so really valuable.