• Daniel Wretham

Its Been a Good Week

Updated: Aug 9

Amazing Sunset
Sea of Gold, Turlin Moor, Dorset

Finally a Good Week

Well for once i've managed to get out quite a bit and get a few decent shots as the weather has played ball.

Most of the photographers out there will know the feeling of when all the elements are looking like they are coming together and its going to be a special sunrise/sunset so they grab the kit and rush out to their chosen location only too see the weather changing right before they get there and that sinking feeling of disappointment that comes with it.

I've been in this situation more times than I care to remember and people who don't do photography just don't get the frustration of the many, MANY failed trips, after all you just see the end results of the good ones.

Well this week has been kind and I have managed to get a few images on each trip which has been a rare pleasure.

Old Boat
The Old Warrior, Turlin Moor, Dorset

I started the week heading out to a lovely river spot with a fantastic mill that I was hoping for a good misty morning to capture it.