• Daniel Wretham

Did Social Media Kill Photography ?

Updated: May 4, 2020

social Media Photography

Well, this promises to be a controversial topic, and the irony is not lost on me that I'm sharing a topic about social media on social media !

Love to or hate it social media is here to stay, but is it a good or bad thing ? Lets take a look on the pro's and cons of the platform that can make or break you.

Facebook Like


Well, lets be honest, never has it been so easy to get your work seen by so many people, you can put a single picture up and within the hour it has been shared all round the world and seen by millions of people.

Hallelujah I hear you cry ! Thats exactly what you want right ?

You can connect with your target audience, you can reach out to people who didn't even know they wanted to see your pictures, you can get the attention of the editor of a magazine without trying the old faithful ringing every five minutes ploy that is sure to get you banned from all future publications.

This is a dream right ? Its great, we all need to get on it right away !

People can "like" your work and give you the pat on the back you have been seeking to validate your hard earned image.

They can even share it to their fellow followers who are potentially clients for you ! This just gets even better !

You can find new places to shoot with a simple search, you can see what others have done and do the same.

You can even have your own shop on there and sell prints without having to invest a penny, its money for old rope I tell you !

Now you don't even have to learn the hard way, you can just go and find a quick fix tutorial and be a pro in minutes ! You can Google anything you can think up and there will be a video of it somewhere.

Camera craft is no longer needed because you can find out the latest processing mastery to mean your dull flat sky is now a masterpiece dripping with colour and wonderful drama.

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