• Daniel Wretham

Wales Trip - Part 2, Pembrokeshire & Ceredigion

Updated: Aug 9

Wales Light Forest Ceredigion

Well, hello again everyone :) I hope you enjoyed part one, my guide to the waterfalls of Wales, Part two isn't a guide but more of an account of my experiences and where I went for my week in Wales.

I also hope you have got a good few minutes spare as it's a long one this week !

First of all I need to say how lucky I was here and that I landed firmly on my feet and karma had paid back in full.

The main reason being I had a week off and wanted to originally go to Wales and shoot around Neath and Glamorgan and I would have probably just crashed in my car for a few nights and then come home.

What I really wanted to do was to go to Pembrokeshire and cover that but felt it was a bit to far and was a complete unknown for me so I wasn't to sure of the idea if I was going to overnight it in the car.

I had recently done some design work for a good friend who was starting up a business and I hadn't charged for it as I really wanted to see her succeed as she really deserved too, plus being a good friend you know how it is....

Well, Karma had noticed that and decided to really help me out. Unbeknown to me my good friends Eirwen & Ian have a caravan in the Sarnau area of Ceredigion and when I mentioned my plans they very kindly offered me the use of it, Fantastic I thought somewhere cheap to rent for a week and with electric to charge the batteries etc...

Imagine my surprise when they told me I could have it for free ! I nearly fell over frankly and can't thank them enough for this as it meant I could now alter the plan and do something i'd always wanted too, Shoot Pembrokeshire and Snowdonia as I was slap bang in the middle of them both !

So the trip had started in a very good way, I thought the best plan of attack was to drive up to Neath, shoot the waterfalls then trundle down to Sarnau to meet up with them and get the info on the Caravan.