• Daniel Wretham

Wales Trip - Part 2, Pembrokeshire & Ceredigion

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Wales Light Forest Ceredigion

Well, hello again everyone :) I hope you enjoyed part one, my guide to the waterfalls of Wales, Part two isn't a guide but more of an account of my experiences and where I went for my week in Wales.

I also hope you have got a good few minutes spare as it's a long one this week !

First of all I need to say how lucky I was here and that I landed firmly on my feet and karma had paid back in full.

The main reason being I had a week off and wanted to originally go to Wales and shoot around Neath and Glamorgan and I would have probably just crashed in my car for a few nights and then come home.

What I really wanted to do was to go to Pembrokeshire and cover that but felt it was a bit to far and was a complete unknown for me so I wasn't to sure of the idea if I was going to overnight it in the car.

I had recently done some design work for a good friend who was starting up a business and I hadn't charged for it as I really wanted to see her succeed as she really deserved too, plus being a good friend you know how it is....

Well, Karma had noticed that and decided to really help me out. Unbeknown to me my good friends Eirwen & Ian have a caravan in the Sarnau area of Ceredigion and when I mentioned my plans they very kindly offered me the use of it, Fantastic I thought somewhere cheap to rent for a week and with electric to charge the batteries etc...

Imagine my surprise when they told me I could have it for free ! I nearly fell over frankly and can't thank them enough for this as it meant I could now alter the plan and do something i'd always wanted too, Shoot Pembrokeshire and Snowdonia as I was slap bang in the middle of them both !

So the trip had started in a very good way, I thought the best plan of attack was to drive up to Neath, shoot the waterfalls then trundle down to Sarnau to meet up with them and get the info on the Caravan.

Well, the Waterfall trip you already know about which was a great success so it had started on the right foot, so all the trip was going to cost me was a bit of fuel and some food over the week.

Having driven through the Brecon's and the beautiful Welsh countryside on route I finally arrived at the caravan to a fantastic greeting, having had a good look around inside it was obvious this was going to be a very comfy week and far from the usual uncomfortable sleep in the car.

Not only did the caravan have all the mod cons, Heater, shower, comfy bed etc... but open the fridge and BOOM, there was a weeks worth of home made dinners in there for me ! Curries, Spag Bol, Soups, you name it, it was in there ! Lucky or what ?

Not only was I fully catered for the week, it was dam delicious too as Eirwen just happens to be an amazing cook !

So this week had got off to a flyer, my luck surely couldn't keep up right ?

Well, I had toyed with the idea of going totally blind to Pembrokeshire and just walking the coastal path to take in everything and take pictures as and when I saw fit too but ever the planner I had noted several locations I wanted to visit as a safety net.

The first on my list was the Green Bridge of Wales, their equivalent to our Durdle Door. A stunning natural arch that stretches out into the sea but will sadly one day erode into a stack but not for many years hopefully. I did have another reason to go here as well, almost right next to the Green Bridge are the Elegug stacks, Two huge rock stacks that tower out of the sea. These were a more exciting prospect than the Green Bridge for me to be honest and if I only got one picture on my trip these were the ones I wanted to get.

The Green Bridge of Wales and Elegug stacks are located on a Military firing range and access is very limited which I had found out before hand while doing some research.

Weekends were fine as it was open all day and night but I felt as it was a popular location these would not really be in my favour to visit then. I found out that the range was also open on Tuesdays and Thursdays, However it was also available to walk on the other days as long as you were off the range by 9am.

No problem I thought as the sunrise would be roughly 7.35am so I could shoot both areas and be off before the tank shells started flying. After taking a look at the weather forecast I decided Monday morning would be my best chance at this venue so it was penciled in.

However it was Saturday and I had been up since 3am so something a little bit closer for today was needed.

Local knowledge proved invaluable here and Eirwen suggested a few places that I hadn't heard of so I eagerly went off to check them out.

The weather forecast wasn't especially favourable and the forecast was heavy rain around sunset so I was in two minds to go or not but I was assured by Eirwen & Ian that the BBC weather app was never ever correct in this area and whatever it said, plan for the opposite.

Well, I have to say I put a fair bit of faith in it usually and took what Eirwen had said with a pinch of salt, how wrong I was as the week unfolded and the weather app was correct on just one day but only for a period of around 3 hours, way to go weather guys !!

I headed for an area recommended to me called Gwbert (pronounced goobert I think ?!)

It was a nice little peninsula that had plenty of fishing boats lining the shore and after a good scout around I found an inlet area that looked worth a shot or two, as a back up I drove to the other side of the peninsula to see what it could offer and while it was a beautiful flat sandy beach which I'm sure tourists would love it wasn't quite what I was looking for and the weather was starting to look better so I headed back round to Gwbert to await the sunset.