• Daniel Wretham

Lowepro Whistler AW 350 Backpack Review

Updated: Aug 19

LowePro Whistler AW 350 Backpack Review, Landscape Photography

Backpacks, lets face it they can be a bit of a minefield at the best of times.

No one single backpack seems to accommodate all the features that I want and I have been through a fair few in my time.

What do you really need out of a backpack ? Well, that could be a whole story in itself but for me there were a few factors that needed ticking and without them it just wouldn't do.

I wanted to above all be able to carry my gear in a durable and robust backpack that was capable of protecting my hard earned equipment, couldn't be too heavy but still have a lot of room, be waterproof with its outer shell or a cover and have enough space to carry extras like waterproofs and filters.

Should be simple enough you would think ? So why did it take me so many years to find the right one ?

Whats the right backpack for you ?

Most backpacks seem to have "most" of what you're looking for but them miss one important element and I didn't want to compromise on it as I knew exactly what I wanted.

For years I used bags from the Lowepro brand and I have to say I liked them and they had lasted very well and I wanted to stick with them.

There are several other excellent manufactures out there but confidence in your gear is vital and like I said they had served me well.

My last bag was the Lowepro Fastpack AW 250 which as I said had done me well but it missed certain things that I wanted. It protected the camera very well and was quick to access, but I felt it lacked enough space for me to carry waterproofs along with filters etc.... Also despite being a AW (all weather) pack I never felt that confident in it in the rain and on several occasions it would leak usually through the zips.

I also wanted to be able to carry my tripod on the side or rear of the pack to give me two hands free when climbing up rough terrain or mountains etc...

The Lowepro Whistler AW350 backpack