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Representing Dorset !

Updated: Aug 19

Not a full blog post today but just a quick one to say whats going on with me as I've got lucky again this month.

Swanage Sunrise, Dorset landscape photography, Daniel Wretham

I was lucky enough to be asked by a company called Focus Clinics to submit an image for a competition they were running to provide an image for each county, and I was lucky enough to win the counties of Oxfordshire & my home county of Dorset.

Now anyone who knows me knows how much I love Dorset and constantly sing its praises so to be asked to represent the county with one of my images was indeed a huge honour, to be able to do it with a second image as well for Oxfordshire was out of this world

You can see a link to their project HERE

Oxfordshire, Daniel Wretham, Landscape Photography

The whole concept was to present the Best of British Views, so an image from every county to highlight the impact of loss of sight, something i'm sure we can all agree would be terrible, especially as a photographer.

The story however doesn't end there, more than happy with the result so far i was even more pleased when national newspaper, The Daily Ma