• Daniel Wretham

Berghaus Ben Oss Fleece Review

Updated: May 3, 2020

Seeing as it's getting to that time of year again where it starts to get a bit chilly I thought I would do an honest and in depth review of the Berghaus Ben Oss Fleece.

Berghaus Ben Oss Fleece Review

As I have said many times before I'm a bit of a Berghaus fan boy and I own around 7 of their jackets, several pairs of trouser and untold amounts of base layers and I really rate the gear they make but this will still be and honest review based around my findings.

A little bit of background to Berghaus to start with, It's a British company, despite its name (german translation is Mountain House) and I love to buy British especially during these turbulent times where the economy is up and down it's great knowing you are supporting a British company and British jobs.

Berghaus was created in 1972 by climbers Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison, who frustrated with the quality of mountaineering clothing available, decided to design their own.

Berghaus was born and quickly gained a substantial following based around the quality and innovation of its products.

In the late 90s they made a significant leap forward by securing the right to use Gore membranes in their products, at the time the most advanced material for waterproof and breathable functions.

Reputation quickly grew and they were established as one of the market leaders in walking & climbing clothing so as you can see they have a very good pedigree behind them.

So now you know the company lets have a look at the Ben Oss fleece itself (Named after a mountain in the Argyll region of Scotland).

The fleece itself is available in three colours, blue, dark blue and finally black, I opted for the Dark Blue version which is pictured in this review.

The design is very pleasing on the eye and a small splash of colour on the chest pocket adds to the look in my opinion.

The fit of the fleece is absolutely spot on, even for a fuller figured gentleman like me. There are elasticated panels and sections which allow the fleece to contour the body really well without ever feeling tight or restrictive.

The neck was an especially nice surprise as some of the older Berghaus fleeces tended to be fairly tight around the neck almost to the point that it was uncomfortable. Berghaus have listened to feedback and rectified this and made the neck stretchy so it fits perfectly.

The fleece comes with a hood which is very comfortable to wear and really does cut the wind down without even feeling like you are wearing one, I cannot emphasise just how comfortable it is to wear.

The Ben Oss Fleece has a draw string around the bottom of it so you can get a snug fit and again keep wind out, There are two outer hand warmer pockets which are mesh lined and can act as ventilation if needed while a single chest pocket is handy for a phone or small map, keys etc..

The fleece is made of 350 g/m2 weight polyester micro fleece which is non pilling so it will stay looking good even after a good bit of wear.

The feel is very much like velour and as crazy as it sounds, it makes you feel good when you wear it, much like someone is giving you a hug as it's so well cut and contoured with its stretch panels and material.

The Ben Oss fleece is designed to be a three season fleece and is suitable for all but winter seasons really although if its fairly mild it will still keep you warm, I have tested this to only 3 degrees at the moment but with a much colder wind chill and it was perfectly warm.

Because of its lightweight feel you almost wont notice wearing it and even in fairly warm conditions the fleece seems to regulate the body temperature very well.

Berghaus Ben Oss Fleece Review