• Daniel Wretham

Finding & Photographing Poppies

Updated: May 18, 2020

Once again its that time of year when we all go crazy chasing Poppies, that most elusive but beautiful mistress that takes so much of our time and effort but is worth every second.

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So its been a while, some of you have been asking where i've been as I used to blog almost weekly and there has been a 6 month gap since that last happened !

Well, to cut a long story short I haven't been very well and have been dealing with getting myself better and back out there, also with a bit of a loss of landscape photography mojo to tell the truth.

My last blog touched on this subject and you will probably all know my feelings on it.

The end result is I have managed probably only two or three trips out since January, a couple of which were to the beloved Brecon Beacons which started the seeds growing to get back to the great outdoors.

I have shot poppies for upwards of eight years so really by now I should probably leave them alone but you just cant beat that rush of searching high and low for them and just when all seems hopeless you go over the next hill and there they are like a sea of red just waiting to pose for your camera.

It really is one of the most rewarding ways to spend with you camera, and when you get it right the shots will bring you back to that emotion every time.