• Daniel Wretham

Kirk L Bracket For Canon EOS R Review

Updated: May 3, 2020

Thanks for checking out my review of the brand new Kirk Enterprise Solutions L bracket for the new Canon EOS R.

Now I'm sure most of you reading this will know what an L bracket is and what it's for but for those that don't I will explain.

An L bracket replaces the mounting plate from your camera to tripod head and enables you to switch between portrait & landscape styles while still maintaining a balanced centre weight over the tripod head, Its also a very quick way to switch in between and perfect for panoramas as the angle of arc is dead centre.

If your current head is, for example a ball head you will tilt it to the side but it will no longer be a true centre and again the arc of sweep during a panorama will be much wider.

Kirk L Bracket For Canon EOS R Review

So in short an L bracket has some good advantages over a traditional mounting plate.

As with mounting plates you can get custom brackets to perfectly fit the base of your camera so it will for example still allow access to a battery compartment or card slot etc.

It will also have a bevel on it which will mean your camera wont twist which as we all know can be very frustrating.

All in all an L bracket makes good sense, now which one to go for ? There are so many on the market ranging from cheap Chinese knock offs on ebay for literally a fiver right up to top spec models like the Kirk Enterprise Solutions L bracket.

More money doesn't always mean better with things but if something was going to hold essentially up to £5000 of equipment (body and long lens plus filters etc) I wanted to have good faith in it that it wouldn't break so after much looking around and reading up I settled on the Kirk Enterprise Solutions L Bracket for the Canon EOS R.

Kirk Enterprise Solutions are an American company that have been going for some 30 years and have been developed by a photographer for photographers and it gave me confidence.

Sadly these were out of stock at everywhere I tried but I placed a back order with Wex Photographic for one and eagerly awaited delivery.

The bracket was very expensive at £120 and I would expect it to be better than good for that price but again the worry about a poor bracket failing with all my kit on was enough to convince me it was worth it.

There were much cheaper universal L brackets from manufactures like RRS (Really Right Stuff) which were absolutely excellent products but weren't customised to the camera (Although I believe RSS is currently making one) I was really tempted to save a bunch of money and go for one of these but decided I would stick to the Kirk one after hearing good things.

So after a week Wex Photographic sent me an e mail to inform me that the product had arrived and been shipped for next day delivery ! I couldn't wait for it to arrive. (Top service as always from Wex)

This is where it all started to go a bit wrong.