• Daniel Wretham

Lee Filters LEE100 Holder Review

Updated: May 3, 2020

Exciting times, One of my favourite companies, Lee Filters has released a brand new filter holder and polariser !

LEE100 filter holder review

Being a bit of a Lee Filters fan boy I simply couldn't wait to get hold of one to put through its paces and try.

Those of you who follow this blog know I always shoot with them and really don't have a bad word to say about them.

The review I did of the Lee Filters Landscape Polariser will have left you in no doubt how much I liked the product and how much faith I put in it, so why change ?

Well after some seriously heavy use for a couple of years my polariser had become stuck to the holder and while it still rotated it meant I couldn't take it off which was a bit of a problem as not every shot requires its use but most however needed a filter so I was left with no choice.

Around this time Lee Filters announced the new LEE100 system and I must admit I really liked the look of it so I forked out the hefty sum of £317 for both the LEE100 holder and the LEE100 Polariser (I will review this separately)

Now some might say I didn't need to do this because Lee Filters market an adaptor ring for the new LEE100 system so you can use your old Lee 105 mm landscape Polariser with it for an additional £42 which would have then cost me just a "measly" £125 for the holder and adaptor.

The only problem was Wex Photography didn't have stock of the adaptor ring and I wanted it all right now plus my older filter had become a little stiff so I figured why not have the new stuff, after all I use it so often and considered it and investment and handy to have a spare.

So, What was the main difference ?