• Daniel Wretham

Datacolor Spyder X Pro Review

Updated: May 4

Monitor calibration, it seems to be a hot button of conversation with photographers.

"I have an iMac, I don't need it" I hear said all too often, or "My pictures look great online"

Datacolor Spyder X Pro Review

Calibration is often misunderstood and certainly under valued, for me it is one of the most important elements after the photo has been taken, let me explain......

For years I had taken my pictures for printing and been disappointed with the results, images too dark, colours were off and generally looking a bit of a mess.

It had to be the printers fault, It couldn't have been my fault surely ? I had spent time carefully getting the right white balance and my picture looked vibrant and punchy on the screen, it had to be the printers at fault.

It wasn't, and it almost certainly never will be.

This is where correct monitor calibration comes in and once you have done it you will never ever be without it again.

So why is your expensive new computer monitor fresh out the box all wrong I hear you ask ?