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A Great Watch !

I was lucky enough to be asked by photographer and YouTube, Gary Norman to do an interview/informal chat on his YouTube channel.

Landscape photography on youtube

Gary has got a good size following and is an excellent photographer who has chosen to help out much smaller youtubers such as myself to get our work out to a much bigger audience.

On top of this he's a really nice guy and we had a great laugh doing this chat, Gary is known for never pulling his punches and saying it how it is and he doesn't disappoint, some tough questions are asked !

Gary has a unique and entertaining style of chat and draws on a wealth of experience to deliver a captivating, funny & informative chat with some rapid fire questions designed to get a real honest answer rather than thinking about a bunch of pre selected questions.

I would love you to see the video and give both Gary & myself some support and get to know us both a bit better, click on the link below to see it.

Gary's Youtube channel can be found by clicking Gary Norman Photo

Please show your support if you dont subscribe to him as he's a great guy to watch.

As always, Happy shooting

Daniel Wretham


Landscape photography blog

Landscape Photography Blog

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