• Daniel Wretham

Landscape Photography Blog, April 2020

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Well this could potentially be the shortest blog I've ever written seeing as were all still locked down due to the horedous Corona virus outbreak that has wrecked havock on the world.

So obviously going out and doing landscape photography hasn't really been an option, and I hope everyone else has done the sensible thing and stayed inside to keep everybody else around them safe too.

At this time my attention turned to editing some old shots and going through the archives to see if I could improve any so that's pretty much what I'm going to share with you and keep praying that all this will be over soon but as it stands I'm fairly certain we will be locked down for the whole of April at least.

The Original
Sunrise at Banjo Pier
The Re Edit

So the first shot I started with was on old image taken 5 years ago in 2015 of Banjo Pier, Swanage when camera gear wasn't quite so good and post processing understanding wasn't as in depth as it is now.

The images will look fairly similar but the main thing that was done was some levels and curves adjustment to give certain areas a bit more pop.

The original seemed a bit flat and needed some specific contrast adjustment around the pier itself and there was a small bit of haloing around it which had bothered me.

I decided to re size it too to a 16:9 ratio just to make it more gallery friendly.

The colours of the sky were also less "Muddy" now due to proper curves adjustment making the colours more defined and less colour cast.

Hopefully you will see the difference and feel like me, it is now a better shot.

The original 2013 image
Swanage Old Pier
The final Re Edit
Swanage Pier
The 16:9 crop I ultimately decided against using

The next image to see a facelift was taken in 2013 and was of the old pier at Swanage, but not the normal way everyone seems to take it from the new pier.

This is a really simple image and has no technical merit really but its one I've always loved but several things about it bothered me.

The usual one was the muddiness of the colours so this was addressed with curves adjustments which also gave the brights a bit more of a boost.

The transitions of the original image were processed in 8 bit mode (Many years ago) so a switch to 16 bit mode made the transitions much smoother and the colours blend in as nature had intended,

There was some serious flare and light bleed occurring on the post directly under the sun so this was taken care of by backing off the red channel in curves with a layer mask over everything else then a small bit of dodge & burning on the pillar do keep the darker silhouetted look to it.

Finally to try something different I applied an Orton effect to just the highlighted areas, I wanted the shadows of the old timbers to stay sh