• Daniel Wretham

Benro iFOTO FIF19CIB0 Travel Tripod Review

Updated: Aug 19

I had a trip planned to Bosnia & Herzegovina in September but it wasn't going to be a landscape photography trip, more of a social visit but as we all know if the chance comes up to get in some photography then we would all take it.

Benro iFOTO FIF19CIB0 Travel Tripod Review
Benro iFOTO FIF19CIB0 Travel Tripod

I wasn't going to take all my photography gear, I just wanted the absolute minimum so I could chuck it in a small ruck sack and be mobile and snatch an opportunity should it arise.

The Canon EOS R was a perfect lightweight body to take, I was going to stick with just one lens, a Canon RF 24-105 mm and a couple of filters and originally I had intended to shoot handheld as I figured most of my chances would come during the day only so the light would be good enough for it.

The more I looked at the landscapes of Bosnia & Herzegovina the more I started to think I would much sooner have a tripod with me as there was plenty of lakes and panorama opportunity's and being able to smooth out the water might make a more appealing shot.

My Current Tripod of choice is a Gitzo one which I absolutely adore but lets be clear, a travel tripod it isn't !

It's a big old unit and despite being carbon fibre its still pretty heavy, add to that the large Benro B4 ball head I use plus a Gitzo panning bowl base for panoramas and it soon stacks up the size and weight.

Carrying it on a plane in a small hand luggage bag wasn't going to be an option, plus I wanted it to be small and inconspicuous as possible.

I had a look around to see what was out there and there were a few travel tripods, The usual manufactures offered a few options, some better than others but choice was surprisingly good.

I have been using a Benro B4 Ball head for a long time now and have found it faultless and Benro as a company had been extremely helpful with various things in the past so I felt they would be the best choice for this.