• Daniel Wretham

Christmas Gifts For Photographers !

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

It's that time of year again where the long suffering partners of landscape photographers franticly search for gifts for us miserable awkward bunch without any idea of what we actually need or want.

So this year I thought I would do a blog about Christmas gifts that are actually useful and also the cheapest place I can find to get them !

I will try and cover all price points so you have a good few choices.

Im not affiliated with any of the links or products, these are just honest ideas and the cheapest places I could find them for your convenience.

Photoshop Shortcut Keyboard Skin £2.99 upwards

Get it from Ebay

These are unbelievably handy for photographers who have ventured into the world of Photoshop. It shows all the keyboard short cuts so they can be quickly and easily utilised and helps the user learn much faster, with the added advantage of keeping your keyboard free from dirt, Perfect stocking filler ! Just make sure you know which computer they have as the keyboards vary in size, Usually better suited to Mac users.

Christmas Gifts for Photographers

Zeiss Lens Wipes (200 Pack)

From £4.00

Get them from Amazon

Handy little individual lens wipes which you can put in your bag and remain sealed until you need them, really handy product and a great stocking filler.

A Phone App From £4.00

Get from App Store or Android

There are some invaluable phone apps for landscape photographers which will help them no end and they are cheap as chips ! Several I would recommend include The Photographers Ephemeris (Shows sunset & sunrise times, positions arc of cover, stores locations etc...) Photopills, Much the same as the Photographers Ephemeris but does a little more, MeteoEarth (A fantastic weather app that can monitor the cloud cover coming in, rain clouds etc... This has helped me nail numerous extra shots. Don't underestimate the power and usefulness of these apps !

Christmas Gifts for Photographers
Beautifully soft cleaning cloth From Lee Filters

Lee Filters Lens Cloth £4.99

Get from HERE

Few things can have as much use to a landscape photographer as a lens cloth, If you photograph the coast you will be all to aware of the seas spray that ends up on your filters & lenses and which causes degradation to your image, not to mention flaring and all sorts of general bad news.

The Lee Filters Lens cloth is the daddy of them all, really good size, super soft and very absorbent !

This one is a Must Have.

Christmas Gifts for Photographers
Remote Shutter Release, Essential !

A Remote Cable Shutter Release from £4.99 +

Get it on Ebay

This is is invaluable and every landscape photographer should have one, essentially it will enable to to take a picture without touching the camera, thus reducing any vibration and shake, but do remember these aren't "one size fits all" products, you will need to find the specific one to go with the camera your partner has, Where possible try and get a genuine canon, nikon one etc as they last a lot longer than cheap aftermarket ones

Christmas Gifts for Photographers
Hard cases are always the best option

SD Card holder £5 up

Get it on Amazon

Photographers usually have a few SD cards which soon end up scattered around in tiny holders which open and get the card scratched. One of these little beauties will keep their SD cards safe and dry and fully organised for good so you won't have to put up with them moaning that they have lost one ! Genius !

Christmas Gifts for Photographers
Lee Filters Lens Cap (3 pack)

Lee Filters Lens Cap (3Pack) £6.99

Get it HERE

Now this one only applies if the person you are buying for uses Lee filters for their photography, these awesome little covers allow you to keep the filter ring on your lens rather than screw it on every time you use it, simple product that makes a massive difference ! and cheap as chips too !

Christmas Gifts for Photographers

Hot Hands Hand Warmers £7.60

Get it HERE

You simply can't put a price on keeping yourself comfortable and warm while taking pictures outside, You never quite know when the wind will get up and these are really handy to have in each pocket just to keep the edge of the cold. They are no replacement for a decent pair of gloves but they are really handy and cheap !

Christmas Gifts for photographers

Lee Filters Clear Filter Cleaner £7.99

Get it HERE

This kind of goes hand in hand with the above lens cloth but once you have used it you will never be without it, one spray on a filter and a decent wipe with the lens cloth and it will remove all grime, sea spray etc..... Essential !

Easily the best one I have used of these.

Highly recommended !

Christmas Gifts for Photographers

Lee Filters Cleaning Kit £12.95

Get it HERE

Essentially the two above products in a kit, one of the most handy and functional products out there, guaranteed to be of real use to any landscape photographer and a perfect stocking filler.

Christmas Gifts for Photographers

Maglite Torch, From £12 upwards

Get from Ebay

These torches are almost indestructible, no problem if you drop them or step on them or leave them in the bottom of your bag ! They are metal based and are so handy and will keep your partner safe. Mini ones are great but a slightly larger one is better, but dont go to the really large sizes as these are heavy and cumbersome. I would suggest a maximum of 10 cm size would be ideal

Christmas Gifts for Photographers

Giotto AA1900 Rocket Air Blower £13.50

You simply cant put a price on these little gems ! Every photographer needs one.

Ideal for blowing away dust from lenses or sensors or simply sticking in a fellow landscape photographers ear to annoy them ! Priceless

Christmas Gifts for Photographers

A Base Layer Top £15 upwards

Base layers are more than just a T-Shirt, they have a function to them.

Designed to wick moisture away from the body keeping you fresh and comfortable while out hiking chasing the most elusive light. Far better than any cotton T-Shirt for the purpose of being out in the elements. superbly comfortable. This is not a thermal top, more of an all season essential to be the under garment worn next to the skin.

Great brands include Rab, Berghaus, Mountain Equipment

Limited Edition Print

Starting at £19.99

Available HERE

Well I have to give myself a little plug here but these fine art prints really do make a great gift, Make sure you get them printed on fine art paper and with premium pigment inks and they will last a lifetime and have no fade plus provide a little inspiration to landscape photographers.

Christmas Gifts for Photographers

A Book £20

Don't under estimate the power of a book for learning potential and inspiration, Far better than reading online and something to treasure. There are so many good books available for landscape photographers, inspirational works from some of the worlds best photographers, instructional books designed to give a deeper insight into the workings of some of the best out there.

Books will inspire no matter what level of photography the person you are buying for is at.

Recommended tittles include.....

Joe Cornish & Roly Smith - This Land (A stunning look at landscapes that will inspire all who read)

Joe Cornish & Charlie Waite - Working The Light (Several of the worlds best and most inspirational landscape photographers, essential reading. These photographers have forgotten more than we will ever know)

Landscape Photographer of the Year (LPOTY) A collection of the years best images)

The Art Of Landscape Photography - A great book to inspire & improve any photographer from Dorsets own Mark Bauer & Ross Hoddinott.

Christmas Gifts for Photographers
So many size choices available

Digital Picture Frame £30 upwards

Get them from any electrical retail store

Which photographer doesn't like to display their own work ?

A simple little product to go on their desk to remind them of their true love (photography not the wife & kids !)

They can easily put new pics on with a simple SD card or cable and you can always

hijack it and slip a family pic or two in !

Christmas Gifts for Photographers

Good quality SD Card from £20 up

Get them from any electronics store

A decent quality SD card of 64 gb for example will delight a photographer as you can never have enough storage ! Fast writing speeds are preferred and it should be at the very least a class 10 card. Sandisc & Lexmark are very good cards and worth looking at. Again, check they fit the camera you are buying for, but most cameras use SD cards these days.

Black Diamond Storm Head Torch £33.99

Get it HERE

Superb quality and ultra bright head torch giving you the added advantage of being hands free and the beam following everywhere you look.

No landscape photographer should be without one of these if they are shooting sunrise & sunsets.

Christmas Gifts for Photographers
Lee Filters Field Pouch

Lee Filters Field Pouch £32.47

Get it HERE

If your photographer uses filters (Most landscape photographers do) then this field pouch by Lee Filters will be an awesome addition to their camera kit.

It holds up to ten filters in lovely soft velvety sleeves keeping them safe from harm and quickly accessible rather than the usual individually wrapped ones, I wouldn't be without mine.

A custom signature to watermark your pictures

A Custom Signature Photo Logo

$39.99 (roughly £30)

Get it HERE

If your partner doesn't already have one of these its an absolutely great buy.

In these days of photo theft its a perfect watermark on your pictures to protect them, it also adds a real touch of class and looks stunningly professional and will make your photographer partner absolutely beam with pride when they apply it to their work.

These have the added advantage that they can be used throughout their photography career on a web site, stationary etc.... and you can even use them in your day to day work as well ! Winner !

External Hard Drive From £39.99 upward

Get them at any tech store