• Daniel Wretham

Christmas Gifts For Photographers !

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

It's that time of year again where the long suffering partners of landscape photographers franticly search for gifts for us miserable awkward bunch without any idea of what we actually need or want.

So this year I thought I would do a blog about Christmas gifts that are actually useful and also the cheapest place I can find to get them !

I will try and cover all price points so you have a good few choices.

Im not affiliated with any of the links or products, these are just honest ideas and the cheapest places I could find them for your convenience.

Photoshop Shortcut Keyboard Skin £2.99 upwards

Get it from Ebay

These are unbelievably handy for photographers who have ventured into the world of Photoshop. It shows all the keyboard short cuts so they can be quickly and easily utilised and helps the user learn much faster, with the added advantage of keeping your keyboard free from dirt, Perfect stocking filler ! Just make sure you know which computer they have as the keyboards vary in size, Usually better suited to Mac users.

Christmas Gifts for Photographers

Zeiss Lens Wipes (200 Pack)

From £4.00

Get them from Amazon

Handy little individual lens wipes which you can put in your bag and remain sealed until you need them, really handy product and a great stocking filler.

A Phone App From £4.00

Get from App Store or Android

There are some invaluable phone apps for landscape photographers which will help them no end and they are cheap as chips ! Several I would recommend include The Photographers Ephemeris (Shows sunset & sunrise times, positions arc of cover, stores locations etc...) Photopills, Much the same as the Photographers Ephemeris but does a little more, MeteoEarth (A fantastic weather app that can monitor the cloud cover coming in, rain clouds etc... This has helped me nail numerous extra shots. Don't underestimate the power and usefulness of these apps !

Christmas Gifts for Photographers