• Daniel Wretham

Corfe Castle Mist

Now its been a very long time since I've written a blog post about a single session, instead preferring to list a few in one post, but this time at Corfe Castle it was special, REALLY special and I just had to share it with you.

Corfe Castle Mist
Corfe Castle Misty Sunrise

Lets face it, Corfe Castle in the mist isn't a very original shot, in fact its been done to death by every landscape photographer out there, but with good reason, its EPIC ! and it's also on the bucket list of pretty much every landscape photographer out there too.

We all know just how popular it is, and you only have to look at the amount of landscape photographers on West Hill when mist looks likely to know, its packed out with hopeful photographers all preying that the weather gods will deliver them the perfect conditions, it rarely does.

Now you don't just turn up at Corfe, get epic mist and sunrise and go home, oh no its just not that easy. You see theres mist and theres mist, and neither is the same !

A forecast of mist doesn't mean you're guaranteed the epic shot of Corfe Castle, far from it as you need the mist to be just right, not too sparse, not too thick, not too high and not moving too fast.

Corfe Castle has a habit of mist obscuring it completely leaving landscape photographers disappointed and waiting wondering what to do next. It also has a habit of not conforming to the weather forecasts and when it looks like guaranteed mist Corfe can surprise you and have none, while all areas around it are covered in the stuff, frustrating right ? You bet it is.

So when you finally get the right conditions its a humbling and euphoric experience, and its even better when you capture it all on video.

Corfe Castle Sunrise
Waves of mist cascading over Corfe Castle