• Daniel Wretham

Landscape Photography Blog, February 2020

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

This is an account of February as it happened, the good, the bad and the highs & lows of a landscape photographer.

Everything is shown, warts & all, the bad pictures, the good pictures to give you a true reflection of how life is out there.

February 1st Saturday

The weather forecast had been looking hopeful for Saturday all week right up until Friday when both days took a turn for the worse !

This is often the case, glorious weather all week but then come the chance to get out on the weekend and it all turns bad, Frustrating.

There was three different forecasts showing on the various apps I used, the most trusted one said cloudy to start with the possibility of some breaks in the clouds according to the other.

I felt Saturday offered my best chance and decided morning would be worth a go just in case but I have to admit I wasn't holding out much hope.

As Saturday morning came around I looked outside and there was a bit of drizzle in the air and mainly thick dark cloud so not exactly great but I figured I could go anyway and do a few long exposures to try out the new Kase filters and see what happened.

I settled on Swanage seafront for the location choice as there were some great old weathered groynes that lead into the water and are perfect for long exposures, plus there are many other areas to go at if the weather looked like it might play ball.

I decided to have a look near the pier end first and as I got out of the car in the dark and wandered down towards the seafront for a look I was not filled with much confidence.

I found a small area that looked like it could offer a nice long exposure potential just down a flight of concrete steps.

I put my foot on the first step and bang I went down the rest of them on my backside straight into the sea.

The dreaded red seaweed was covering the steps but I couldn't see it in the dark and paid dearly for it.

The fall had knocked the wind right out of me and I had gashed my leg and hand and had badly landed on my shoulder and ribs too, not a great start.

I pulled myself out of the water as quickly as possible and tried to get back up the ultra slippery stairs which was almost impossible but I finally made it too safety.

I sat down and knew I was in a bad state and should get home but I didn't want to miss out if anything happened so I dragged myself round to the other beach and proceeded to do some long exposures as the moody clouds rolled around, it really wasn't worth it frankly !