• Daniel Wretham

Freewell All Day Kit ND Filters Review - For DJI Air 2S

Updated: Aug 4

After purchasing my DJI Air 2S drone I thought I was all set as I had paid extra for the fly more combo which came complete with ND filters in the shape of a 4,8,16 & 32 ND filters.

How Does An ND Filter Work ?

I quickly found that If I wanted to shoot during the daytime then the 32 ND was simply not up to the task, I needed the 64 ND, having looked online at the genuine DJI filters it seemed I could only buy this along with another two other filters that I simply would never use, and it wasn't cheap at £75 for the three and I simply couldn't justify it to myself. I also had concerns as DJI's 32 ND suffered from a magenta colour cast and was worried the DJI 64 ND filter would possibly be even worse.

I looked at some other brands like Polar Pro which looked nice but were shockingly expensive, the same sort of price as the full Freewell kit but only usually three filters as opposed to the 8 that came in the Freweel kit.

Freewell were actually the first company to introduce multicoated filters for drones so they have an innovative pedigree and seemed like a a great starting point.

I had used Freewell's variable ND filters for my OSMO pocket camera and had been really impressed with them so I dug a little deeper to see if these could be exactly what I wanted.

What I really felt I was really lacking was a polarising filter for my drone but I was yet to find one that could clip on in front of my existing filters so I was somewhat stuck, enter Freewell and the All Day 4K ND kit !

Whats In The Freewell All Day Filter Kit ?

Essentially the kit comprises of a set of 8 filters including ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32 & ND64 all with circular PL, plus single circular PL for the days when its not bright enough to need the ND filters, plus another two for long exposures of ND1000 & ND2000.

This caught my interest as the kit was exactly what I needed to cover all bases, with the added bonus of having a CPL on each of them.