• Daniel Wretham

Landscape Photography Blog, June 2020

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

This is an account of the trials of a landscape photographer during June 2020, the highs & the lows, everything there to give you a true reflection of how it is.

June started much as May had finished, full of blue sky, not a single cloud and very warm temperatures, exactly the last thing a landscape photographer wanted to see.

There was however hope on the horizon, Wednesday the 3rd was forecast for cloud & rain with potential for thunder and maybe even some rainbows !

Wednesday the 3rd of June

The forecast was very changeable throughout the day and I kept a close eye on it but in reality I knew it would be a gamble.

I had decided to go to Old Harry Rocks as the sun was coming up right in front of it and on the weather radar it appeared to be right on the edge of the cloud.

A shrill 2.45 alarm call cut through me like a hot knife through butter and I looked outside to see pretty much cloud with the odd gap, it didn't look great I have to say but I was going to go for it regardless as I had been stuck in for a good few days and I needed my outdoor fix.

Walking down to Old Harry Rocks there was a very small gap and a tiny bit of colour there and things looked better than I thought they would but as soon as I got there the gap seemed to close up and and all colour disappeared from view, annoying.

I waited it out till sunrise and never even saw the sun come up at all it just got slightly lighter and this was not the start I wanted to the month.

Huge rain clouds were coming in from behind me and I made the decision to head back to the car park confident I wouldn't be missing anything, lady luck was actually with me on this one as I got about a few hundred yards from the car and the rain started and boy did it come down on the drive home.

Roads were overflowing with water and the plants and countryside got a much needed drenching after so many days of hot weather

The rest of the day was spent in the hope that there would be some sun & rain together so rainbow hunting could happen but it just wasn't to be as the cloud remained far too thick for the light to come through.

Thursday the 4th of June

The forecast had a really high humidity level for a certain area but the wind was a little too high for a proper cloud inversion I felt, but there really was a good chance of something occurring so I decided I would start the morning in North Dorset chasing some mist or potential fog, either one would work for me.

Upon hearing the 3 am battle cry however all plans went out of the window, the wind was just too much and I felt the chance of any mist was minimal so but the coast looked quite reasonable so I made a mad dash to Portland to try my luck.

Portland is around 45 miles from me so its not a decision I take lightly but it seemed the best of a bad lot really, when I got there the wind was howling and the cloud cover looked fairly thick but there was a gap coming into view so I might get lucky.

I set up my composition looking towards Portland Bill lighthouse with the sunrise directly behind and started the waiting game.

Portland was rather strangely completely devoid of people, probably due to the daft time needed to be up for sunrise but it was a welcome relief for me frankly.

Some colour was starting to show behind me but I really wanted to stay put with my shot that I had in my head but it wasn't looking to exciting and the colour behind me kept irritating me like a mosquito bite and eventually I just had to scratch it and rushed over to another composition to try and capitalise on it.

As soon as I got there the colour started to fade typically and worse still it was now lighting up behind me where I had already been, I rushed back to my original spot and recomposed but the colour in the sky just wasn't working for the shot and I kicked myself that I had messed around rather than just waiting and trusting my gut.

In all fairness it wasn't a fantastic sunrise so I hadn't missed out too much but my indecisiveness had absolutely cost me a shot.

I decided to give it a few minutes for the sun to clear the cloud bank and cast golden light on to the lighthouse in order to salvage something.

I set up my position and waited and as expected the light came out from behind the clouds and cast its golden glow on Portland Bill lighthouse, I took the shot and it was ok but nothing special, I doubt I would keep it as frankly I have better shots from the same position, it felt like I was just going through the motions a bit.

Portland Bill Lighthouse