• Daniel Wretham

Kase Filters K9 Holder Kit & Polariser Review

Updated: Aug 4

Kase K9 Filter Holder Review

So I've been using the Kase Filters K9 holder and polariser for a good few months now and I thought id share my views on it with you all.

Having decided to make the switch from Lee Filters to Kase Filters was a big deal for me and if you have read my previous blog on the subject you will get why.

Why Buy It ?

The main reason for buying the Kase K9 kit was to solve the problem of vignetting on a 15 mm lens, other filter holders claim their holder will solve this but from past experience it doesn't and the Kase K9 holder was the first I tried that actually did it.

Not only can I have a polariser filter on but also two ND filters without any sign of vignetting on a 15 mm lens, in fact Kase state that you can use this on lenses of 14 mm on a full frame camera with no signs of vignetting.

The Kase K9 holder is an evolution of several previous versions, each making innovative improvements on its predecessor and the K9 is the very peak of all of these refinements,

The Main Features

So the main thing about the Kase K9 filter holder that will grab your attention is the fact that it uses a magnetic system rather than the traditional way of a polariser being screwed on the front of the holder and rotated.

This has several major advantages,

1, it makes the filter lightning fast to place on and off simply because as soon as its close to the lens it works its magnetic magic and grips straight onto the step ring which is mounted to the lens, unlike the screw on filters which need to be screwed on and after a period of time generally they get stuck, this can't happen with the Kase polariser simply because its not threaded and uses magnetic force instead.