• Daniel Wretham

Landscape Photography Blog December 2020

This is an account of a landscape photographer during December 2020, the good the bad and the downright ugly.

Lets not mince words, the year had been awful, Covid 19 restrictions had played havoc with landscape photographers up n down the country and had caused frustrations beyond belief.

The experience of being locked down for months at a time had taken its toll but had also strengthened the resolve to enjoy every last available minute in the pursuit of light.

November had resulted in a mini lockdown which while not as strong as the early lockdowns was still enough to cause issues with going anywhere further than "Local".

I had traditionally always done a weeks landscape photography in October somewhere special, a new area each year, Wales, Scotland, The lake district etc.... Somewhere to really explore and look forward too, and I had missed it this year due to restrictions so I was feeling extra frustrated so I decided I would make December count and really go for it and try and get some decent images to make up for it in my home county of Dorset.

Chapmans Pool

My first trip of the month would be a surprise for me as the weather was frankly shocking, heavy rain, dark cloud and very very windy, far rom perfect conditions to be fair.

I kept staring out of the window hoping to see a change but it wasn't coming, again frustration set in and I paced around the house like a caged animal desperate to be free from the confines of its prison, and then someone unlocked the door.....

A small break in the cloud saw some nice light pour through and that was all the signal I needed to grab my bag and head for the coast, the area I fancied was Chapmans Pool.

I wanted to do a video here for quite a while as the sun sets right in front of Chapmans Pool at this time of year, but I wasn't after pretty sunset colours, I saw the dark clouds and the gap and just knew I wanted to shoot light on the flanks of the cliffs.

I raced across the fields from the car park and could see there was no light now but the gap was still there and the sun would be through it shortly so I rushed to get set up and as if by magic the second I was set up the light poured through the gap and gave me some stunning colour all over the flanks as I had hoped for.

I couldn't believe my luck and a day that had looked so hopeless was now giving me such amazing conditions and I happily snapped away and recorded the whole session which you can see by clicking HERE or at the bottom of this page.

I got a picture I was really happy with and decided to wait it out in the same spot till sunset, which didn't look as though it was going to be as good but you just never know.

The thick dark cloud started to build and to be fair there looked like no chance of anything happening until about ten minutes to sunset and a small band of pink started to appear on the dark cloud, and then it grew bigger and bigger.

Chapmans Pool
Evening light on Chapmans Pool

Before I knew it there was a full on pink sunset going on in front of me and I laughed with glee and snapped away like a madman !

To have been treated to not only fantastic light but also a great sunset was just amazing and I was absolutely elated that I had been out to capture it.

Chapmans Pool Sunset
Sunset at Chapmans Pool