• Daniel Wretham

Landscape Photography Blog, July 2020

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

This is an account of the trials of a landscape photographer during July 2020, the highs & the lows, everything there to give you a true reflection of how it is.

July I was hoping would start better than June had ended, which for the past two weeks had been a real poor one for me despite the flying start.

I was still furloughed for July till further notice so it meant I would be able to do a few more trips than normal which was a result but in truth I really wanted to get back to work.

Bills were piling up and I like a routine in my life where possible.

This month I really wanted to get out to some venues that I hadn't visited much, I had fallen into the trap of focusing on two or three places and therefore over shooting them constantly and it had all got a bit stale, trouble was I knew exactly what I wanted from each of them and until I got it I didn't want to stop but it was causing me less enjoyment to keep revisiting the same old places.

The other problem had been the weather, it just wasn't playing ball for the shots I wanted further afield and I didn't want to risk driving 150 mile plus round trips on a 50/50 so I was stuck in a viscous circle to a degree.

Thursday the 2nd of July

So having just gone on a rant about wanting to go further away and visit new venues I found myself in a quandary, according to the forecast there was a decent chance of sunrise in just one area, and you've guessed it I've shot it to death.....

I had the option, stay in bed and not get anything or go out to somewhere I've shot before purely because the weather was there, I decided to go.

The month wasn't starting as I wanted it to and I had a feeling it would probably get worse too.

I headed to the old barn at Sixpenny Handley and the nice looking conditions I had spied on the way down were starting to clear exactly where the sun was coming up, bugger !

I got a bit of sunset colour but again it just wasn't the shot I wanted so it was binned off, Behind me there was some mist which looked far more appealing and the area in front of me was starting to go clear so I decided to walk down to the misty area, as I did so I watched it disappear in literally minutes, I looked behind me and the sunrise was now kicking off ! typical.

I couldn't get back to the barn in time to capture it so for some random reason I decided I would drive and look for an area where the light would fall on and look nice.

I found a wildly out of control field with waist height wet grass in but I was convinced there would be a good angle at the end of it, it was a public space so I was allowed onto it and as I took my first step into the long grass I found out it was absolutely soaking wet with dew but I figured I was in now so keep going.

I wasn't wearing my waterproofs just my regular walking trousers and I could feel them getting soaking wet and it was coming through, it felt horrible and cold !

water was now inside my boots now too and my feet squelched as I walked and it was really uncomfortable but it would all be worth it when I reached the ridge line in front of me I kept telling myself.

The light was now getting really good and I speeded up as best as I could and made it to the ridge, I was gutted, it looked rubbish and just didn't give me the view I wanted.

I stood there dejected and soaking wet from just above the waist down wondering what on earth I had been thinking as golden light smashed into the landscape everywhere but where I was, frustrating.

Dejected I walked back through the grass to get to the car, I honestly don't think I could have been any wetter if I had waded through a river, I mean I was absolutely drenched and as passing cars went past I got the look of "He's clearly not all there" which didn't add to my mood at all.