• Daniel Wretham

Vallerret Markhof Pro 2.0 Photography Gloves Review

Updated: 11 hours ago

Vallerret Markhof pro 2 review
Vallerret Markhof Pro 2.0 Black/Grey

I was approached by Norwegian photography glove manufacture, Vallerret during the summer of this year to see if I would like to review their purpose designed photography gloves.

Now I am very much someone who wants this site to remain neutral and not be biased with reviews, hence I always pay for my own items and give you my own honest opinions.

I explained this to Vallerret and they said they were happy for any review thoughts to go up no matter what as they too wanted an honest review, I couldn't really say no to that !

Vallerret Overview

I was very aware of Vallerret as a company as I had been looking at them for sometime as my hands do suffer in the colder months and they seemed like the ideal solution to this, let me explain further.

Operation of a camera with warm gloves on can be almost impossible due to the bulky nature and the fact your fingers cant have the same amount of dexterity and sensitivity needed to operate the camera.

Vallerret have an innovative approach to get round this by having thumb and forefinger caps that fold back to expose a bare finger and thumb tip to give you all the feel and control back and of course in this modern age, be able to operate the touch screen on the camera.

The finger caps are neatly held in place by some hidden magnets on the back of the glove and can be quickly folded back to cover the finger and thumb again and keep the all important warmth in the hand, clever stuff.