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The jewel in Dorset's crown.

Kimmeridge Bay is right at the very heart of the jurassic coast and is known as landscape photographers heaven for good reason. Read on for your definitive guide to Kimmeridge Bay.

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Interesting Facts about this coastline

* Clavell Tower sits on Hen Cliff at Kimmeridge Bay in Dorset, and was named after John Clavell, The tower was actually moved brick by brick over 25 feet back from the cliff edge when it became clear it was threatened by erosion. The base of the original old tower can clearly be seen still near the cliff edge.

* Clavell Tower was renovated inside and can now be rented out as a holiday home complete with all modern conveniences, it offers views right across Kimmeridge Bay and on clear nights is perfect for star gazing, a dream location for any landscape photographer.

* Kimmeridge Bay is easily one of the most iconic landscape photography locations in Dorset, It has appeared in many publications and the seascape scenes are very well known. It has also been the location for feature films and TV shows.

* Kimmeridge Bay gives its name to the geological term "Kimmeridgian" which refers to the black shingle like layers which were first discovered here.

* Kimmeridge Bay is renowned for its fossils which are seemingly everywhere in the rocks and due to regular rock falls new ones are always on the shore ready to be found by excited youngsters making their first venture into the world of the Jurassic Coast.

* Kimmeridge Bay is a very popular area for surfers due to the high winds and good swell from the shallow bay, but the are restrictions as it spans a military firing range for the tank School.

* Kimmeridge bay also is home to the oldest oil pumping station in the U.K. which has been steadily pumping oil since the 50's

* Kimmeridge Bay sees sunset around the Autumn and Winter months over the water so is hugely popular with Dorset landscape photographers, not to mention all the ledges that are exposed at low tide it really does make it one of the U.K.s premier landscape photography locations.

* Kimmeridge Bay was the home to an Antony Gormley art installation, one of only five in the UK but the figure located on Clavell Pier was often battered by the sea so much that it fell down and eventually was never replaced.

* Worbarrow Bay can only be accessed on weekends and during school holidays (Check government websites before visiting) as it is situated in the centre of a military tank training school, it is also open only during certain hours of the day making sunrise and sunset shoots very difficult here, but not impossible.

* Worbarrow Bay is accessed through the "ghost" village of Tyneham, given its name due to the fact it was evacuated by the military in 1943 and taken over as a defence station. There were only 8 cottages there, most of which have fallen into disrepair but the church is still perfectly preserved and can be visited by the many tourists who come to Dorset.

* Worbarrow Bay is a predominately shingle based beach but after some heavy storms in 2014 the shingle all disappeared leaving nothing but sand for a few years but slowly the shingle has returned as the relentless tides bring it back. The area is also well known for landslides so care should taken.

* Worbarrow Bay has a fascinating geological make up and you can clearly see the layers in the cliffs, ranging from pure chalk at the far end to sandstone at the other.

* Mupe Bay is a landscape photographer dream, it has exposed ledges that sweep out into the sea and several large rock stacks, its one of the best known locations in Dorset and is hugely popular for sunrise despite the long walk to get there.

* Mupe bay can only be accessed on weekends and school holidays due to being on the military firing range, check restrictions before visiting and be aware that it doesn't open till around 9 am on a Saturday but remind open till Monday morning so a Sunday sunrise is your best and only option.

* Mupe Bay is surrounded by large chalk based cliffs on one side which are well known for landslides so care should be taken.

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