• Daniel Wretham

Dorset Landscape Photography Locations, Kimmeridge Bay

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Continuing my theme for the photography blog posts on Dorset's premier photography locations this week we will be looking at Kimmeridge Bay and it's surrounding areas.

Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset, Photography Locations, Landscape Photography, Seascape

Kimmeridge bay is a photographers dream and one that you should all visit at least once in your lifetime.

It has so many features to shoot and so many interesting little areas you could shoot there for years and still not cover it all, I should know I've been photographing it since 2010 and still find new areas of interest.

First of all a word of warning, Kimmeridge is a beautiful and interesting place but it is also a very dangerous area due to the high number of cliff falls.

There are warning signs up in the car park to this effect but people constantly ignore them and stand directly at the bottom of the cliffs.

The fossil rich cliffs are a magnet to people as new bits fall off and they rush to sift through them even with young children after watching tonnes of rock collapse in front of them.

PLEASE if you only take one thing in from this blog then make it to stay away from the base of the cliffs.

Rocks still fall and bounce out to the waters edge but you have a lot better chance of avoiding injury than if it fell on you.

Ok so the nasty stuff is over with, on to the fun stuff ! The photography !

To get to Kimmeridge bay you will drive through some beautiful areas of Dorset that are well worth shooting so take good notice of them for alternatives if the coast isn't playing ball.

Post code for the car park is BH20 5PF and your Sat Nav will take you right there.