• Daniel Wretham

How to Find & Photograph Bluebells

Updated: May 4

Its that wonderful time of year again where the forest floors are carpeted with fantastic blue and purple bluebells, This is how I choose to find & capture my bluebell photographs, we will cover....

  • Best time of year to photograph Bluebells

  • Best way to care for the Bluebell forests

  • Best conditions to photograph Bluebells

  • Best position to photograph Bluebells, High or low ?

  • Best lens & focal lengths for Bluebells

  • Filters for photographing Bluebells

  • Best camera settings for Bluebell pictures

  • Best lighting for Bluebell pictures

  • Post processing Bluebell pictures

Dorset Bluebells
Side lit morning light on bluebells

Now the first thing I want to mention is the preservation of these wonderful flowers which bring so much pleasure to everyone.

Without fail every year I see people trampling through the bluebells in order to get a selfie or the perfect shot of someone sitting in the middle of them, please stop this and please actively encourage people to shoot them from the paths or very edges, A little known fact but it is actually illegal to pick or to trample bluebells so these people are breaking the law, stand up for the protection of the forest as these plants can't do it on their own and need our protection, please be responsible and say something to people who have no respect for the bluebells.