• Daniel Wretham

Landscape Photography Blog, January 2020

Updated: Aug 19

At the end of 2019 I decided to make a New Years resolution to try and go at least one day every weekend no matter what the weather was doing in order to maximise my chances of shots as in 2019 I had turned into a bit of a light snob, I only wanted to go when it was looking like it would be perfect conditions.

This meant I had missed out on some good shots due to essentially being a bit lazy which was putting me into a bad place in my own headspace, This year I wouldn't make the same mistake.

So this is a blow by blow account of the highs and lows and will hopefully resonate with you all so you can see its not all roses out there !

Warbarrow Bay

JANUARY Saturday 4th January

I decided on a trip to Osmington Mills in Dorset as it gave me several back up opportunities if the weather didn't play ball.

I had three different forecasts on three different weather apps, one good, one bad & one indifferent. The most trusted weather app was saying it would be grey all day but I went anyway and sadly it was right, flat grey and nothing exciting, I took a few shots but nothing worth keeping but most importantly I had started my resolution and had been out for sunrise.

No more light was following so I came home, Weather 1, Landscape photographer 0.

Weather was not looking good at all but I decided I would still go out for Sunset to Worbarrow bay in Dorset and as I was driving down a little bit of light came out and enthusiasm suddenly got a lot better, until of course I got into the car park and it disappeared and I spent the next two hours waiting for anything to happen which it didn't, right before sunset it started to clear and some nice colour formed and I finished up getting an ok shot, nothing special but it made the trip worthwhile so I was pleased I went out and it proved a point to myself.

With these conditions usually I would have stayed in but having gone out id scored a bonus shot.

Worbarrow Bay Sunset
Sunset at Worbarrow Bay