• Daniel Wretham

Kase Filters Armour System Review

Updated: Aug 4

In October a package turned up, I hadn't ordered anything so I was curious to know what it was, I opened it right away and was surprised to see a full filter system from Kase Filters.

Kase Filters Armour Review
The Kase Filters Armour System

I quickly looked round the product and was really excited to see something new !

I messaged the lads at Kase Filters who said I was getting the very first look at the new Kase Filters Armour system and would I give it a test to see what I thought of it and if there were any refinements I felt it needed.

To say I was excited was an understatement ! but there was a condition, I couldn't tell anyone about it as the product was top secret !

First thought was, why do I need another filter system ? My Kase Filters K9 system had been absolutely faultless and I loved it and couldn't see me ever not using it.

But again a quick chat with Kase Filters and they explained the Armour System wasn't replacing the K9 holder, it was going to run alongside it as a completely separate system and with a big difference, it was magnetic !

Overview of The Kase Filters Armour System

This caught my interest right away and I had to have a look and see for myself, The holder was removed from the box and it felt really good and solid and very well made (Full alloy construction), reassuringly so in fact.

There was also a couple of frames which were to go around the graduated filter, which again made me take notice and suddenly there was a much clearer picture of what the Armour system was all about, Speed & safety and I liked it.

Kase Filters Armour System Review