• Daniel Wretham

Losing Your Landscape Photography Mojo

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

New Forest Sunrise

Welcome back to everyone and I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and wish you all a very Happy New Year.

2017 was an interesting year for me as far as landscape photography went, I left the coast alone pretty much all year and concentrated on inland areas mainly due to wanting a change and because of my beloved puppy who I felt wasn't ready for dangerous swelling seas and cliff tops just yet, instead we just got chased several times by killer cows !

So much for inland being the safer option !

I managed to get to a few places I have wanted to go for many years including Snowdonia, The Lake District & Scotland, these were real eye openers and they really spurred me on with my adventures.

On the negative side I had such a bad experience in the Lake District that it also knocked my confidence and passion for photography.

On top of that between October & February my work goes into over drive and I spend all day working then come home and work for another 5-6 hours almost every night through sheer volume of bits that need doing.

It is physically & mentally draining and it left hardly any time for landscape photography sadly.

Between October and the 1st of January I only managed to get out three times in two months which was soul destroying.

The dorset stour

I did however manage to go to new areas each time which in itself was positive and exciting.

The truth is I had hit a bit of a rut and I wasn't really feeling things at the moment.

There were several factors in this......

1, The bad experience in the Lake District (the last blog will cover that)

2, Being beyond tired due to the excessive workload at this time of year

3, Dorset....The county I once loved with such passion had become boring to me.

4, The non stop copying by other photographers who would literally shoot the same scene, same composition the very next day of it appearing online.

I had become very frustrated when I put an original image up only to see several people go to the venue the very next day and take exactly the same picture in the same way and I had watched it happen time and time again to other photographers when they put their work up.

Now people will say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but I just don't see it like that.

If someone copied a book word for word and then sold it as their own work then it would be copyright and everyone would be unhappy about it, why then is it acceptable to copy a photograph that someone else has taken and expressed their art form in ?

Portland Bill