• Daniel Wretham

Rab Nebula Pro Jacket Review

So you might be wondering why i'm reviewing another jacket after being so happy with the Rab Nimbus jacket I reviewed not that long ago, well me as well to be fair !

So essentially the situation is that I have lost a decent amount of weight so my Rab Nimbus Jacket was now a little too large for me and I was all set to replace it with exactly the same jacket but with a smaller size but I thought I would look at what else there was in the range to see if it could possibly be something even better out there, enter the Rab Nebula Pro jacket !

Rab Nebula Pro Jacket Review
Rab Nebula Pro Jacket (Beluga/Orange)

So as you know I raved about the Rab Nimbus jacket and could only really find fault with a couple of bits on it, these bits have been addressed on the Rab Nebula Pro jacket so I was instantly interested.

Let me explain my criteria and the reason for buying this one.

So I really wanted a down jacket but I flat refuse to buy one due to the horrible process of removing down from birds, its just not something I agree with or could ever support so essentially it meant that down jackets were out, no matter how good the benefits were on them it just wasn't enough to be able to support such a torturous process I'm afraid.

So when Rab announced they had a new synthetic down system available in the form of Cirrus HM I was very interested !

Essentially synthetic down offers all the benefits of regular down without the pain to birds, and some more benefits as well.

Washing a down jacket is frankly a bit of a nightmare, it all clumps together and unless you dry it in a very specific way it doesn't loft nicely again leaving you with cold spots on the jacket as well as looking a bit rubbish too, Also the same problem if you are caught out in the rain.

In fact I was told in store by one of the sales people at Go Outdoors that they don't recommend ever washing a down jacket full stop, not very practical for a product that is designed for not only outdoor use, but will also have perspiration going through it, sorry Go Outdoors but not washing a product is out of the question and frankly poor advice.

Synthetic down is different though, its not feathers for a start and is in a sheet so it offers and instant advantage of having no cold spots on the jacket and can be easily washed and dried in an everyday fashion so already a major plus point was scored over the down alternative.

The synthetic down is known as Cirrus HL and features on a range of the Rab jackets including the Nebula Pro, and another benefit it offers over the traditional down jacket is that because its not feathers it is able to handle wet weather far better than down due to the fibres used rather than being feathers, whilst still maintaining the excellent warmth to weight ratio we are used to on down jackets.

On top of all of this the Cirrus HL synthetic down on the Rab Nebula Pro jacket is actually 10% warmer than the standard Cirrus used on the Nimbus jacket plus the Cirrus HL synthetic down is recycled material so this is an eco friendly jacket too ! Win Win. (The outer Pertex layer is also recycled)

The Rab Nebula Pro uses midi size baffles which are larger than that on the Nimbus and the equivalent down jackets such as the best selling Alpine Microlight so it feels like there is more air trapping potential in there and more insulation, Plus I really like the look of it with the larger baffles.

Rab Nebula Pro Jacket review
Pertex Quantum Ripstop Pro material

At the time of writing the jacket comes in at a very reasonable £180, which for an ultra warm packable lightweight jacket is frankly a fairly cheap price to be fair.

It comes in both Men & Ladies cuts that are shaped around the change in body shape so a great fit is achieved rather than a unisex jacket, plus they ladies versions come in different colour schemes to the mens so if you're a couple you don't have to match !

When you compare what you are getting against the next model down at £160 in the shape of the Cirrus Alpine, it really does make the Nebula Pro the better buy by a long way.

The Nebula Pro jacket comes in at a super lightweight of 648 grams or 22.9 ounces which means you essentially feel like you are wearing warm air and it takes up no space in a rucksack, of which it comes with its own stuff sack or can be zipped up inside the left hand pocket as well so a nicely compact easy to carry jacket.

Rab Nebula Pro Jacket Review
Dual hem seal chord on either side