• Daniel Wretham

Rab Downpour Jacket Review

Updated: Nov 17

One of my guilty pleasures as well as photography is outdoor pursuit clothing as I spend so much time doing landscape photography or simply out walking I like to be protected from the elements as best as I can as it can be the crucial difference between getting the shot or not.

The trouble is you get almost as addicted to clothing as you do photography gear and you end up with lots of jackets that all do specific things, and of course the king of all jackets is a Gore-Tex variety, it really is for all seasons, but lets be clear, lightweight it isnt.

Rab Downpour Jacket Review
Firecracker Orange Rab Downpour Jacket

Why I Chose The Rab Downpour Jacket ?

So why do I need this ? Well ideally I like to have an outer shell waterproof jacket to stick in the bottom of my rucksack for emergencies, or being caught out in summer when a sudden rain storm comes along for example.

The criteria for the jacket was it had to be waterproof, breathable, super light weight and be able to fold down to a very small size.

Gore-Tex was out as the outer shell material is generally of a heavier weave and is less compact even if it is better for keeping you dry, I also wanted it to be very flexible and easy to move around in and not cost the earth, Enter the Rab Downpour jacket.

I had been searching around for jackets to match this criteria for a while when I came across the Rab Downpour jacket and started to look at it as a serious contender.

Jacket Overview

The jacket was made with a Pertex shield outer shell which is waterproof and windproof, but there's waterproof and there's 100% waterproof !

This jacket is not a true 100% waterproof jacket in the way that a Gore-Tex jacket would keep you dry all day no matter what but its designed to stop a shower getting through but not really torrential, its rated up to 2.5L of the rain table.

The jacket has some really nice touches like the under pit vent zips which you can undo to allow some heat out and and moisture that may build up, these are quality YKK zips as are the pockets and the main zip.