• Daniel Wretham

Rab Nimbus Jacket review

Updated: Nov 17

I've always used fleece jackets for the bulk of my photography with a Gore-Tex over jacket and its been a pretty good combination but I have always understood the benefits of a down jacket, or more to the point a synthetic down jacket.

Rab Nexus Jacket Review
Rab Nimbus in Beluga Blue

Down Vs Synthetic Down

The main reason I have never owned a down jacket is because of the torturous process of removing down from birds, it is simply terrible and I couldn't possibly support such a nasty process and I urge you to do the same and boycott them.

That was until synthetic down came along, this made me sit up and take notice.

Synthetic down has a few benefits over regular down, when it gets wet it wont clump together like real down does, meaning washing the jacket was much easier and getting caught in rain would be fine too.

Down jackets while very warm do suffer from clumping when wet, even when the down is treated with waterproofing to the down itself. If you wash down jackets the individual baffles seem to lose their shape as the down all clumps together at the lower end of the baffle and despite shaking it when drying they tend not to go back in the right places.

Down jackets are also a lot more expensive than synthetic down so the benefits in my opinion are actually far better on synthetic down over regular down plus you can keep a clear conscious that no birds were tortured for your jacket.

Synthetic down jackets are exceptionally light weight so you barely feel like you're wearing them, they are also able to be folded down to a really compact size so they are perfect as a jacket to be stored in your ruck sack.

The main benefit is they are warm, really warm because they trap layers of air in the synthetic down and hold it very well, they also offer a very good degree of wind proofing.

The down side, They are rarely waterproof and you will need an outer shell to make them a viable all season option so keep that in mind if you intend to purchase one.

Jacket Overview

The Rab Nimbus jacket has an RRP price of £150 but can be found by shopping around for as little as £100 which puts it at the lower end of price on down jackets, but synthetic down is cheaper.

The Rab Nimbus jacket is designed to be a multi season jacket but as stated would need a waterproof outer and it can be used as a mid layer jacket in the depths of winter rather than a stand alone jacket.