• Daniel Wretham

Rab Superflux Hoody Review

Updated: Nov 17

For a long while now I've been missing something during the Winter months, A decent mid layer.

Now to be clear here I have a really decent spec hardshell Gore-Tex jacket and I have several Rab synthetic down jackets which are excellent and could easily constitute a mid layer but the problem is I don't really like wearing my Gore-Tex hard shell jacket

I absolutely love the performance of Gore-Tex, it's level of waterproofing, breathability and wind killing features are second to none, that has never been in question, But I simply dont like wearing it unless its raining, what I really want to do is just wear my synthetic down jackets and carry a spare waterproof over jacket (in my case its the Rab Downpour jacket)

The problem has been the winter months, when the wind chill factor is bringing the temperature into the minus figures, the synthetic down jackets on their own just aren't enough, What I really needed was a mid layer to take the bite out of it all, Enter the Rab Superflux hoody.

Mid layers are a tremendously personal thing, some prefer fleece, some prefer down, some prefer synthetic and so on.

I asked myself what do I need from a mid layer ? Warmth, breathability & stretch were my top priorities for this so the search began.

Some things I would have liked but weren't deal breakers were a napoleon pocket for my microphone when vlogging, a set of pockets for hand warming, and preferably a close fitting neck that was flexible and comfortable without being restrictive, ie must be stretchy fabric.

I wanted to have a dual purpose for this item of clothing too, I wanted something I could store in the bag easily for summer months where the wind got up a little, and was capable of being a stand alone jacket, and I also wanted it to be my mid layer for the colder months as well.

After looking at the various options available from all brands I stopped at the old faithful, Rab.

Now I make no secret of my love for Rab products, I have purchased many of them and there's a reason, I have trust in them and I love the products, Just to be clear every Rab item I own has been purchased with my own hard earned cash and nothing has ever been given by Rab or anyone else so you can be sure these views are mine and have no influence from any company.

I enjoy buying from Rab as they are a very ethical, carbon neutral company and of course British, so the gear is designed for this climate and conditions and over time they have become my go to supplier for all my outdoor clothing.

I singled out several hoodies from the range to try and see which one suited the best.

the short list was.....

Rab Superflux Hoody

Rab Powerstretch Pro Jacket